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I consider myself a liberal, but I'm having trouble disagreeing with the supreme courts decision regarding Hobby Lobby. I personally don't consider birth control to be an essential part of "health care" and I just can't see how it's a businesses job to provide their employees with that. Why can't people purchase it themselves, or simply just not have unprotected sex? We have to give people their own responsibilities as some point. What do you think?


Birth control is used for many purposes. I don’t think you realize women menstruate every month. You look at birth control narrowly as a sex “green light”. More realistic, it is a way to help with the effects of monthly events like cramps. It really is health care. If you had severe back pain every month, you sure as hell would get medicine. If you bled every month you would call it “health care” [air quotes]. And it seems you are a guy. Your opinion is great, but you’ll never get pregnant, cramps, back pain or hormone fluctuation. Those things all sound like health care to me. 

As for your responsibilities logic: if you hurt yourself doing something stupid, maybe break a leg, would they say “hey, you should be more responsible”? Or would they try to fix you? Leave the judgment out of it. Also, taking a pill every day at roughly the same time is pretty responsible if you ask me.

People need care, not bogus situational narratives to be judged by strangers.

I’m pretty sure the only reason a lot of white people don’t like the n-word is because it’s not theirs and they can’t have it

don’t you love it when people who usually have nothing at all to say about political/social issues because they are just so “moderate” and think “the answer is in the middle” and “politics just isn’t my thing” finally speak up to defend something and 9 time out of 10 it’s to defend someones right to use oppressive language because they hate seeing their white male friends attacked all the time for just having an opinion right like why can’t he use the word tranny it’s just a joke like when did it become illegal to use a word anyway freedom of speech right like they feel so oppressed they don’t even feel safe to use the word tranny or fag anymore like no fair you people preach tolerance like you arent even tolerant of other peoples opinions about homos like such a double standard ya know like my friends they just feel so attacked and unsafe guys





don’t trust anyone with a strong negative opinion on rap music

I sense a contradiction in terms.

“Music” implies change in some sort of pitch.  ”Rap” implies a lack thereof.  Therefore, “Rap music” is an oxymoron.  If you remove the “oxy”, you get the kind of people that like rap music.

Hey dude you dropped your fedora 

It’s a little white and pointed for a fedora really

Sexual harassment by Portland Yellow Cab company